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        "....Depressive hypersomniacs who can't get hold of amineptine might consider trying a so-called eugeroic ("good arousal") drug instead. Alpha1-adrenergic agonists like adrafinil and its active main metabolite modafinil ('Provigil', 'Alertec', 'Vigicer', 'Modalert, etc) are centrally-acting agents which can brighten mood and sharpen mental focus. They stimulate the noradrenergic post-synaptic receptors, increase glutamatergic transmission, and activate the wakefulness-promoting orexinergic neurons, thereby boosting alertness, memory and energy. At sensible dosages, they are remarkably free of side-effects. However, the approval process in the USA is so slow, costly and bureaucratic, and the marketing hurdles typically so formidable, that foreign companies are often deterred from seeking FDA acceptance. Thus Servier's neuroprotective mood-brightener tianeptine (Stablon), for instance, is not marketed in the USA because its patent has expired. Adrafinil, by contrast, is at least as successful as hepatotoxic Anglo-Saxon products at treating the cognitive and memory impairments of incipient senility. Fortunately, a "French" drug like adrafinil can now be ordered over the Net. Yet it ought to be available at the local corner store. It has the commercial disadvantage of being very cheap....."

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