Adrafinil; Corn starch, modified sodic carboxymethyl-cellulose, polyvidone excipient, glycerol, magnesium steate, talc, lactose, polyoxyethylene glycol 4000, titanium dioxide, polymethly acrylate glycerol.

Information for the User

This product is a psycotonic. It is recommended for elderly patients who have difficulty staying alert and who suffer from a general slowing down of mental activity.


1. The effectiveness of OlmifonŽ has not yet been tested on the non-elderly.
2. This preparation contains an active ingredient, which could induce a positive result in anti-doping tests for athletes.


If you suffer from epilepsy, or serious hepatic or renal disorders, consult your doctor before taking this product. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor or chemist, if there is any chance of an interaction-taking place between different medicines. Any additional treatment should be reported, especially if you are taking neuroepileptic medicines. Keep this and all other medicines safely out of the reach of children.

Side Effects

As with any active product, this medicine may possibly cause side effects. Headache, stomach pains and skin irritations have been reported in clinical tests, and in certain cases, inner tension.


2 to 4 tablets daily. Please follow your doctor's instructions.

Prescription Conditions

This product has been prescribed for you in order to remedy a particular medical problem. Do not use it to treat other ailments. Do not use it again without first consulting your doctor. Do not use it to treat another person. Consult your doctor.

Adrafinil : brand name 'Olmifon'

Adrafinil: structure

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